QR Rewarding Platform

What is Grabies?

Grab + Freebies = Grabies.
It is a web base loyalty platform designed for our merchant to reward customer with freebies and drive in more human & sales traffic to help the business.


Grabies strategies that can help your business.

Cross borders sales

Share your freebies to drive in new customer from different industry to expand your network.


Freedom to customize freebies distribution base on your desire algorithm.

App Free

Customer do not need to install mobile app in order to participate in this program. Storage on mobile phone is expensive.


By using eVoucher can save printing, design, and time costs on physical voucher.

How it works?

Customer can find and scan the qrcode at the bottom of the receipt. Grabies QR code can intergrate with most of the POS(Point of Sales) system receipt templates.